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Google Webmasters Tools

Most people who advertise their company online and have their own website already know about Google Analytics. However, they may not be aware of another, equally powerful tool available through the same company and free as well. It is called Google Webmasters Tools and it is considered an extremely important option for any company or individual with a website because it gives the developer or owner more control over understanding their site, and how it performs, as well as how they can increase traffic and eventual conversions.

The Features of Webmasters Tools

This completely free service focuses on two main goals on the Internet: optimizing presence visibility and understanding indexing statuses. It is very important for anyone to understand that Google is one of the biggest powerhouses on the web. Without this search engine, most websites would never even be found.
After all, the company has become so popular that most people no longer even refer to the process as “searching the Internet” but as “Googling it” instead.
Through the webmasters tools, users will be able to accomplish several different things thanks to an ever growing features list. Web developers or company owners will be able to set up a site map that they can both submit and check through the tools themselves. This will allow Google to better understand the website and this will, in turn, help boost the page’s overall rankings with the search engine.
Crawl rate will help the user understand how often the Googlebot is looking through a particular site. This can be extremely important for a couple of different reasons. Each time the robot crawls the page; there could be some pages that are blocked for one reason or another. Through the webmasters tools, it will be easier to access the crawl block list and then determine what needs to be done to an individual page so that it will no longer be blocked by the search engine.
Other features of the webmasters tools include: a full list report of external and internal links on the website, a full list report of any broken links on the site, a report on what keyword searches are being used the most to reach the page, information on click through rates for the pages, and statistics and errors listings for the site indexing. Additionally, users will be able to set up a preferred domain that will control how the site URL is displayed.

How Webmasters Tools Helps with Conversions

Of course, one of the main goals of anyone with a website will be conversion from web traffic to sales. If the page is currently not getting a high enough conversion rate, Google Webmasters Tools can be extremely helpful. Since it will give information on performance based specifically on individual keywords, the user can determine how people are searching and focus advertising on those things specifically. This also gives the user more information on how to use search terms and long-tail keywords to reach a larger audience.
With the web crawl diagnostics section of the webmasters tools, users will be able to determine if there are any discrepancies or broken links within the site. This can also be important with conversions.
For example, if something is not working correctly and blocking potential customers from reaching the sales page, they may choose to shop elsewhere. The user needs to know if any areas of their page are not working correctly so that they may deal with the issue to ensure potential customers can actually purchase products or services.
Geographic targeting is a tool included in both Google Analytics and Webmasters Tools and it can be extremely important. In the latter set of tools from Google, specific keywords are targeted and listed geographically. For anyone who needs to reach potential customers in specific areas, they will better be able to advertise to this group and convert more hits to actual sales.
Google is, perhaps, one of the best-known services on the Internet. Over the years, it has grown from a simple search engine to something that affects anyone who chooses to have a web presence. The Google Webmasters Tools can ensure that users will be able to guarantee their pages are ranked in the search engines and how many people are finding their site and turning into customers.

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