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Google Analytics

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics will allow anyone who has a website of any type analyze how much traffic their pages are getting. They will be able to determine where visitors are coming from through GeoTargeting, create custom reports on the available information, and even analyze specific types of traffic. This will allow a person to determine if their ad campaigns are working or if they need to alter their marketing methods.

  • A couple of the features have already been mentioned: GeoTargeting and Advanced Segmentation. The latter is a tool that allows a person to analyze a specific set of traffic to better understand who is actually visiting their website. Other features of the tool include:
  • This allows analysis of the web traffic. It can also allow the user to create and print custom reports based on different areas of the traffic itself.
  • The content of a website will have a drastic impact on how well it is ranked with the search engines. This analysis tool will show the user which pages are getting the most attention, which are clicked on the most, and which are searched for most often
  • Social Analytics is a feature of Google Analytics that will allow the user to see who is reaching the pages through the social media platform, Google +.
  • The tools also include mobile analytics, which will track how well the website is receiving traffic through mobile phones, including IOS and Android.
  • This powerful tool will show the user how much of the traffic visiting the web page is actually being converted to sales
  • The final feature of Google Analytics focuses on analyzing how much traffic is reaching the website through advertising, whether it is through social media ads, website ads, and mobile marketing.

The Benefits of Using Google Analytics
There are numerous benefits of using this tool to accurately keep up with the amount of traffic to a website and to help determine ways to boost that traffic as well as get more conversions to sales.
By using the advertising and conversion marketing tools, users will be able to determine if their marketing campaigns are actually working to bring in more traffic. Additionally, with the specific controls to focus on different types of traffic, it is easier for anyone to determine which type of traffic turns into the most sales and then focus on them specifically.
By keeping a constant evaluative eye on the website traffic, it will be much easier for anyone to achieve more conversions. Users will be able to see what type of marketing works, what changes they need to make in their pages, and how they can appeal to the right customers and create more sales.
Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for anyone who has realized the command they gain by using the web to reach more customers. Not only will it generate reports of traffic flow, but it can help the user make the right decisions for their own website to reach more traffic.


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